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Slash Brand is a daring adventure of Monika Jadach, a designer of multiple talents. A Parisian by birth and a cosmopolitan by spirit, Monika Jadach, by her artistic and cultural training, including the Lycee Octave Feuillet, the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, has  developed  a fine sense of structure and volume. Having instructive  experience in the environment of Parisian design agencies, Monika has decided to create a clothing line Slash Brand around the concept of complementarity of opposite values. She has designed a collection reflecting her aesthetics, offering  functional and qualitative clothing with modern cuts. Developing patterns by the modelling technique, choosing rare fabrics, and selecting ethical manufacturers carefully, Monika combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetic composed of clean lines and sculptural volumes.

FW17 Collection
Slash Brand fall-winter 2017 collection takes its place under the sign of urban modernity and renewal. This renewal is that of the woman whose complementary needs of profusion and minimalism, comfort and sophistication, sobriety and audacity are satisfied by this collection. This renewal is also that of the choice of materials such as silk chiffon, Punto Milano jersey or faux fur, which are worked in both flowing and generous volumes. It is assumed that the sculptural aspect of oversized coats is combined with a surprisingly supple touch. These pieces have been designed to offer women an indispensable length of movement, facilitated, for example, by the presence of zips along the entire length of the sleeves of coats, which can thus be opened. Produced in Italy and France, the fabrics used are the result of traditional know-how that is a pledge of quality becoming rare today. From the corset-shirt to the ruffled skirt, till the little evening dress with organza sleeves, the essence of femininity is undeniably present. All the energy and dynamism of the collection rest nevertheless on the fusion of these classics with rebellious cuts, imposing volumes… The diversion of the woolen fabrics (bird’s eye and herringbone weave) traditionally reserved for the masculine clothing, here audaciously adapted for women, are an inspirational invitation to dress according to the spirit of the times.

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