anda emilia


The brand was founded by Emilia Anda in 1996 in Hungary.

Originally she studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest Technical University /BME/. After receiving her diploma she decided not to dedicate her future to architecture. She graduated from the Fashion and Textil Department of MOME. Her career of more than 16 years was started by the establishment of her own brand and showroom. The clean silhouettes, originality and power of innovation have duly made her one of the most decisive designers of the profession in Hungary.

For more than 12 years, from season to season she has been showing her collections at one of the most important exhibitions of the Paris Fashion Week, where "high fashion" stores selling clothes of the most well known international designers order their street-couture collections. Her style is contemporary and state of the art. It is often alternative, experimenting, challenging and bold. A duality of tradition and innovation, a balance of proportions as well as a characteristic statement in space feature in her excellent quality garments. Anda is characterized by her dynamic up-to-date perspective, and unique sophisticated style.
The collections have delicately toned details and technical solutions.

Inspiration A/W 2017


ANDA A/W 2017 collection was inspired by the concept of the international group of artist Fluxus / flow/ of the 1960s. The main feature was the mix of spontaneous manifestations and clearly designed gestures. The most important goal of the movement was to destroy any boundary between art and life and have a constant fluctuation, renewal. The visual perception of the collection is based on refined, sophisticated cuts and spatial structures. The palette is based on reduced colors as black, white, grey, olive and mustard.

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