MIKELA is a new brand based in Tel Aviv, founded by Michal Avitzur, which reflects the founder’s point of view and her own way of life. It’s all about a unique perspective when it comes to the world of fashion, design and art. Michal Avitzur holds an MA in fashion buying from Istituto Marangoni, Milan. Michal is an entrepreneur and a business woman specializing in the study of fashion brands. She has a great passion for the field of fashion and an ability to detect changes in market demands.

MIKELA was founded from endless intuition. Michal has always wanted a brand of her own and while living in Milan things became clear to her. She formed a certain lifestyle and started researching niche brands with unique stories. Whilst traveling around Italy with constant observation for the next thing, she visited many boutiques and fairs in order to find the most suitable brands for the Israeli women.

"I decided I want a platform that allows me to excite others about my feelings and stimulate their curiosity in the field.  I see my work as art and sharing my experiences in this fascinating world is the greatest privilege".

Michal believes in fine tailoring and craftsmanship, in a clear vision which turns into a final product in the artists hands. MIKELA will combine the comfort of an e-commerce website with the luxury of a private studio open by invitation only.

The boutique’s collections are imported mainly from Italy which is the ultimate symbol of quality. It will be defined by a high end, distinctive touch led by the designers and brands. Moreover, characterized by extra attention to quality materials, ergonomics and comfort with a day-to-night urban style, sophisticated and unique, minimalist feel and gentle color pallets.

My philosophy:

  • The stories I create are usually my gut trying to tell me something. A point of view, a feeling of the moment, a reflection.
  • I believe in the power and strength that the garment can inculcate, at the same time modesty and elegance are fundamental terms.
  • Capture a feeling with the clothes that I wear. It is always about feeling light, fresh, spontaneous and falling in love.  
  • Choosing to take a different path, one that is more sustainable.
  • The modern update can be seen in the layering.
  • High level of creativity which is  dedicated into building a collection.
  • Each season requires months of in-depth research and technical skills.
  • I like balancing ideas of opposites to contradict each other.
  • Every piece is carefully chosen, intelligently thought out.
  • The garments always maintain their value.
  • Implements a selective stock strategy.
  • It has grunge sentiment whilst remaining svelte.